Leave of absence management platform

Unsaddl helps employers with leave of absence automation and compliance

Time is money
Save both

Save Time: Unsaddl automates federal and state filings, saving employers and employees 10-20 hours per leave request
Save Money: Unsaddl ensures compliance, reducing the likelihood of leave litigation, which costs an average of $80,000 to defend

Set up leave compliance in as little as 10 minutes

1. Sync up employee roster

Employer integrates employee roster through CSV upload or SFTP file feed

2. Employee submits request

Employee selects the specific federal or state leave that they want to take

3. Employer reviews request

Employer manages and tracks employee’s leave of absence. If approved, employee takes leave

HRIS and payroll integrations

Sync up employee roster from payroll or HRIS with SFTP file feed or CSV upload



Extensive coverage

Compliance with all 50 state and federal leave of absence laws

Dedicated support

Support throughout the leave cycle: pre-leave, leave, and post-leave

Experienced team

Experience working with employers of various sizes from 100 to 10,000+ employees